Friday, 16 September 2016

Mr Data- Model shelves, make it so.

I need to hone my design skills, I also need to find a better way to house my massive Starfleet collection. They are currently on a 90s style black bookcase. Above each model is space for another, they are currently suspende on string but are always hanging oddly and for some reason starfleet ships will not balance.

Solution? Some shelves to clip into the shelf above. Time to design.

As I need to improve my modelling skills (3D and otherwise) I decided to fire up Blender, and dagnabbit learn it.

After i poured my brain back in i switched to 123D by Autodesk but still finding it oddly unituitive I finally found myself falling back on good old tinkercad.

After getting some measurements I was fairly confident I had a plan. So I knocked up Version 1.


I thought it looked reasonable but once sliced it became apparent that there were flaws. The model would take an inordinate amount of time to print and, given the small mass of the ships, actually seems rather overengineered.

Back to the tinker board and into Mk 2.


Version 2 will print a lot faster and use less materials. The question is did I scrimp to much. Will it even work? Will there be a Mk3?

I will let you know.

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