Monday, 26 September 2016

The tough decision was made.

I am now a 3D printer, or own a 3D printer. I am a 3D printerer.


The upshot is that we will not be eating for a month, but thats OK i need to lose the weight.

Well I guess if you have followed me this far (Hello Paul) you will want some juicy details.

I went for the Original Prusa i3 Mk2 and what a mouthful that is. At a pricey 600 squid its still way beyond my budget however the cost is reduced form the built form by about 200 pounds. After about the 4th hour of building I saw why. You can only but Original Prusas from prusa research in the Czcehk Republic anything else isnt neccesarily a cheap knockoff (the printer is open source and in the spirit of reprap) but considering Prusa invented the i3 style I think I know where I would rather spend my cash.

3 days later (its a 2 day window but I was at work so asked for a delay, the lovely people obliged) Mr UPS knocked on my door with a behomoth of a box. It took nearly 6 hours to assemble nut luckily they package some Haribo to keep you going. Sadly the kids ate mine.

I then plugged it in and…nothing. Some quick research showed I had some cables plugged in wrongly. Powered up and my scrren lit up wonderfully. Then it was time for the self test. Pop. Dead. A fuse had been blown on the board. A bit more checking and I worked out that I had wired the heatbed power to the nozzle and vice versa. Thank god for fuses.

Day 2 saw a visit to Halfords for a blade fuse (the type that goes into cars), this set me back a whopping 99p. Back to the printer buttocks clenching and bowels loosening. Its started up, self tested and calibrated itself telling me that I couldnt set a square if i tired really hard (which i did) one of the advantages of the MK2 however is that it does not care. It fixes wonky axis in the software. Being the perfectionist that I want to be! I decided to try to twek the axis. I got it better but still skewed however you would not guess.

The moral of the story. Check your cables 5 times then ask someone else to make sure. Then unplug them one by one and REALLY make sure.

Does it print well? You tell me?


I think it was a good choice.

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