Saturday, 10 September 2016

Welcome to the new Blog

I would say I am a flutterer, I flutter from passion to passion. Hobbies come and go, interests wax and wane.

My house is filled with Star Trek Models, Bugs in resin, more Tardis's (Tardii?, Tardis?) then you could could and innumerable Airfix models and Astronomy tools. I have a large Butlins Badge collection and associated Blog (
 I also run (ran, its dead quiet) a blog on Movies ( and have more PCs in the house than people living there. 

So for my next expensive and ultimately stupid passion I am fixating on 3D printing. I am currently a wanabee having no equipment or experience however I have started research and building of models. The eventual hope to be to print and even custom print (for money dolla) to order via 3D Hubs.

This will be the first blog that I have written that goes from the start of a passion. It may capture the highs, lows, pitfall and sheer frustration of learning a new skill....or this may be the only post.

You can see some of my nascent tinkerings at and I may even put some up in more detail at later posts, one day I may even print them. 

Join me in the journey. There will be cookies (its EU law now).

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